IM Social Networks

Channels that help Customers and Employees Communicate.

The rise of social networking in business has officially begun. No longer is social media defined as a consumer—to—consumer market.

With Intelligent Media, your company can begin leveraging social networks as a way to connect and share information within your industry or directly with consumers.

Who needs a Social Network?

Your business may benefit from developing a Social Network for these reasons and more:

  • Your company's staff needs a better way to stay in touch
  • You want to launch your own spin on a social networking platform
  • You want to create a community that centers around a common interest relevant to your product or service
  • You want to track consumer trends

Our Process

Intelligent Media focuses not just on the technology of e-commerce but the business-end of understanding and delivering to your consumer.

1. Niche Distribution

We specialize in harnessing the power of niche communities which share a common interest, hobby or other similarity. Filling the communication needs of these smaller communities can result in a dedicated user base.

2. Multi-Channel

We optimize your social network for desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. From Windows to Apple and everything in between, your network can capture every possible consumer.

3. Tiered Access

Social networks require admin and moderator functionality to ensure your community is safe, secure and spam-free. We build in custom user roles to suit your needs.

4. Analyzing Your Demographic

In order to capitalize on your user base, you must understand their needs and wants. With our automated analysis, you'll learn what your users are interested in and what trends they're following so you can target or develop advertisements, products and services.

5. Filtering Options

We always keep scalability in mind. As your network grows, your users will contribute mass amounts of data. With our algorithmic programming, your users will be targeted only with the information most relevant to them.

6. User-Friendly

Your consumers need intuitive design in order to buy into your social network. If they become confused or frustrated, they'll leave right away. With so many competing alternatives, a sleek, engaging interface is crucial to developing a long-term user base.

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