IM Scraping Engines

Tools to capture, analyze, and act upon disparate data.

Web scraping—or "web crawling"—is the most efficient way to gather data that can be used either directly or indirectly to draw more consumers. For instance, you may want to scrape data for sales trends in your industry, which allow you to better capture your market. Or you may want to scrape data to provide information on local businesses or real estate listings directly to your consumer.

Conventional web scrapers can gather data from the frontend of websites. With Intelligent Media, you can customize a more complex scraper to get the exact data you need. You can scrape backend data, image files and even PDFs for pertinent information.

Who needs a Scraping Engine?

Your business may benefit from deploying a scraping engine for these reasons and more:

  • Your company needs to develop a catalogue or library of information quickly
  • You want to run price comparisons for a retail business
  • You want to develop a contact list
  • You want to monitor competitors or your own SEO results
  • You want to get a feel for upcoming trends and consumer opinions
  • You are tracking your online reputation or want to catch fraudulent reviews

Our Process

Intelligent Media's SaaS development focuses on long-term profitability and end-user satisfaction.

1. API

At Intelligent Media, we use API whenever possible to save time and hassle. However, we understand that API has limits, so we also know when and where API is worth your time. Yelp and Facebook, for instance, already have scraping tools built in.

2. HTML Parsing

Where API isn't efficient, we write our own programs to pull information from the web. This can include anything from contact information, upcoming events, business listings, restaurant locations and other data.

3. Machine Learning

We program our web scrapers to constantly look for new sources of data rather than repeatedly hitting the same directories and websites. The programs crawl the whole web just like major search engines.

4. Error Checking

Our web scrapers automatically check for errors by cross-checking for duplicates and discrepancies. The scrapers also keep track of website updates that require a re-pull of data.

5. Microformat Parsing

Sometimes the data you need is not published on a main website page. In the case of such "microdata," you need a different parsing formula that can read backend data through a Document Object Model.

6. Data Discovery

Our scraping programs not only pull your required data but sort it, too. This allows you to quickly find the relevant information in an organized database customized to your needs.

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