IM SAAS Platforms

Building subscription based software products on Web & Mobile.

Deploying a SaaS (Software as a Service) is one of the most profitable business models in the tech world. Instead of licensing a software program for life, you maintain a recurrent income from customer subscriptions. Over time, these monthly or annual subscription fees total more than charging your customers a larger, upfront fee. Your company also maintains total ownership and control of the program code and intellectual property.

These cloud- or web-based SaaS programs can deliver your product in nearly any industry, from healthcare to POS systems, music streaming, business processing, social media and more.

Who needs SaaS platforms?

Your business may benefit from launching a SaaS-based software if:

  • Your company is a software start-up
  • Your company produces software programs for desktop or mobile devices
  • Your tech company is eager to expand to corporate accounts
  • You offer a non-tech service that can be enhanced with a customized app

Our Process

Intelligent Media's SaaS development focuses on long-term profitability and end-user satisfaction with the following benefits.

1. Customer Acquisition

With a subscription-based model, you can offer free trials or limited-functionality editions. These offers draw in customers with a try-before-you-buy opportunity that has a high success rate of long-term customer acquisition.

2. Upselling

SaaS platforms are primed for upselling. Unlocking the full program from a free trial is just one way. Other upgrades and additional features can be offered for a premium.

3. Ease of Log-On

Your software can be linked to accept Facebook, Twitter and other third party log-in credentials. This option encourages more sign-ups from customers who would otherwise skip the hassle of creating an account from scratch.

4. Updatability

SaaS systems allow easier updates to increase functionality and address bugs versus traditional software platforms.

5. Security-Focused

Your customers want to know that their information is safe. At Intelligent Media, we design our SaaS products from the ground up with certified security protocols that exceed industry standards.

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