IM Legacy Migrations

Modernizing old software to work in line with the business today.

Realizing that your software no longer suits your business's needs is daunting. You may fear that you'll lose data or that it will be too arduous to relearn a new system.

At Intelligent Media, we understand all of these concerns, which is why we've crafted a legacy migration program that maintains familiarity with your old software while training your employees on the new components.

Who needs legacy migration?

Your business may benefit from migrating your legacy software if you face any of the following issues:

  • Your company uses outdated software
  • You rely on multiple off-the-shelf programs that don't integrate
  • Your software does not meet all of your needs
  • Your employees prefer outside software rather than your legacy software, e.g., using external chat programs or file sharing like Dropbox
  • You have concerns about your data security
  • You experience frequent bugs, crashes or lack of functionality in your software

Our Process

Intelligent Media's Content Management System offers the following benefits:

1. Data Migration

Changing over your software requires saving and transferring all of your data. At Intelligent Media, we use a safe, secure method to migrate mass amounts of data.

2. Re-Thinking Your Business Process

Establishing a new software system provides opportunity for growth. We help you consider all of your business's strengths and weaknesses to harness your new technology in the most productive, profitable way.

3. Primed Integration

Whenever it is prudent, we focus on employing off-the-shelf software to save money, hassle and time.

4. Software Training

We never ignore the human element to your technology: your employees. Our Legacy Migration process includes software training that helps familiarize your staff with the new interface.

5. Service-Oriented Architecture

We set up your new system to avoid ever needing to fully migrate again. Your software system is scalable and modifiable. Individual components may be updated and new functionalities easily added as your company grows.

6. Brownfield Deployment

Our legacy migration occurs in phases of rolling updates which incorporate as many legacy components as possible while filling in functionality gaps with new software. This approach allows a rapid rollout with less risk of bugs and downtime.

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