IM E-Commerce Platforms

Using web and mobile technology to sell smarter.

The online commerce world is more competitive than ever. Consumers know they can get their products from any number of places, so their deciding factor in purchasing decisions are often based on ease-of-use and driven by subtle marketing cues tailored to online shoppers.

Combining the business sense of consumer behavior and the technology of a robust, user-friendly e-commerce platform, Intelligent Media can help your business take full advantage of the online retail market.

Who needs an E-Commerce Platform?

Your business may benefit from deploying a scraping engine for these reasons and more:

  • You have a brick-and-mortar model that is looking to expand to online sales
  • Your company has been using a pre-designed e-commerce platform that doesn't allow enough customization
  • Your online store looks outdated or cookie cutter
  • Your e-commerce website is clunky or non-intuitive
  • Your online store's search functionality is lacking
  • You notice a lot of abandoned online shopping carts

Our Process

Intelligent Media focuses not just on the technology of e-commerce but the business-end of understanding and delivering to your consumer.

1. Recommend Alternatives

Sometimes the difference between making a sale or not is helping the consumer find the product that fits their needs. This includes categorizing a database of similarities in products to offer “related products” suggestions.

2. Complex Searching

The trick with complex searching is to let your engine do all the work while simplifying the results for your customer. Complex searches make educated guesses on what a consumer is looking for or asks for more information to help sort the results.

3. Mobile Design

Consumers are turning more and more to mobile devices to do their shopping. With an intuitive, user-friendly mobile setup, they're more likely to complete their purchase than if they had to wait for access to a desktop.

4. Dynamic Content Results

Your products are more or less likely to be purchased based on location, device usage, time of day, and other factors. Dynamic content tailors your site to the individual consumer to increase your chances of a sale.

5. Making it Social

Integrating social media with your e-commerce platform requires more than widgets that link to your Facebook business page. Making it social means you allow shoppers to share their purchases and reviews, as well as simplify the process of managing your customer interaction.

6. B&M Integration

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, your e-commerce strategy should take that into account. Physical and online shopping involve different consumer behaviors that must be anticipated. What works for one may not always work for another, but with proper execution, they can work synergistically to drive sales both ways.

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