IM Content Management System

Better tools to turn content publishing into knowledge sharing.

Managing your content is a major component of productivity. Disorganized files, disastrous crashes, accidental deletions and other serious problems can leave your company scrambling. Effective content managing provides secure storage and easy retrieval of files.

Who needs a content management system (CMS)?

Your business may need CMS services if you face any of the following issues:

  • You don't have a comprehensive content management strategy in place
  • Your content sharing is unmanaged and inconsistent
  • Your employees share or store content using e-mail, Dropbox, Google Drive or USB drives
  • You have security concerns about who can access your files
  • You need mobile access to content
  • You need old versions of files backed up in case of editing errors or deletion
  • Your company needs a quick, efficient way to search for documents

Our Process

Intelligent Media's Content Management System offers the following benefits:

1. Tagging

The more users you have, the more important tagging becomes. A robust tagging system allows you to easily find information and files relevant to your searches.

2. Storage

Your company needs a solid storage strategy to avoid disaster. The more complex your files, the more you need to plan ahead. Our storage options allow you to quickly and easily upgrade or downgrade your storage space.

3. Versioning

A traceable file history is crucial. If an important document is accidentally altered or deleted, versioning allows you to retrieve previous versions.

4. Mobile Design

Backend functionality is only half the battle of a successful content management strategy. User-friendliness is the other half. With optimized mobile design, your users can easily access content from smartphones and tablets.

5. Dynamic Layout

A dynamic layout is customized to your user base, allowing everyone to see the information they need without extraneous clutter.

6. Multi-domain

Managing and scaling your content across different platforms is made simple. Our CMS is compatible with Drupal, Sharepoint, Adobe CQ and other media platforms.

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