IM Web Development

Using the web to power your business.

Realizing the need for a web application is a crucial stage in the growth of any business. Custom web apps allow you and your employees, vendors and customers to run software through the internet. This software can include communication systems, business process automation (BPA), vendor portals, or integrated e-commerce, among other functions.

At Intelligent Media, we use proven technology like Java, PHP, Python and .NET to build secure, user-friendly platforms. Whether your focus is B2B, B2C, or a combination of both, your web development strategy will be tailored to your business's needs.

Who needs web app development?

Web app development is indispensable for businesses with any of the following issues:

  • You need remote access to software or data
  • Your business has multiple departments and/or locations
  • Your business's needs are not being fully met by pre-designed, cookie cutter or outdated software
  • You want to ensure you are using the most advantageous web app strategy
  • You have concerns about your current setup's security

Our Process

Our web development process is focused on providing a quality end product in an efficient manner.


Collect data and information from your current processes.


Create databases that categorize and systematize your information.


Develop an application engine that automates the retrieval, input and analysis of data.


Test the app for security, reliability and scalability.


Launch the web app for access from desktops browsers and custom-built mobile apps.

IM Services

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT Using the web to power your business.
  • MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Building award-winning, profit generating apps.
  • CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Developing software tailored to your business.
  • TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Providing a health-check for your Current IT Ops.
  • APPLICATION MAINTENANCE Building atop your existing Technologies.
  • TECHNOLOGY CONSOLIDATION Simplifying & Reducing your Technology Overhead.
  • DATA CENTER Cost-effective environments & optimized IT infrastructure.
  • COMPUTE SERVICES Infrastructure as a Service & Cloud Compute services.
  • STORAGE SERVICES Improve business agility & boost system performance.
  • ENTERPRISE CONNECTIVITY A true end-to-end experience across IT environments.

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