IM Technology Consolidation

Simplifying & Reducing your Technology Overhead.

Most growing businesses add on new technologies as they discover new needs. Accounting, sales, marketing, customer relations and logistics (among other areas) begin to require many different software programs. This confusing web of software can create redundancy that results in errors, loss of productivity and even financial losses.

Streamlining your business's software needs is the ideal solution, but consolidation can be tricky. At Intelligent Media, we specialize in diagnosing which programs need to stay, which can be merged and which need to go. You may even find custom software add-ons to be the most cost-effective solution.

Who needs technology consolidation?

  • Your company uses multiple software programs or systems that cause confusion or duplicity
  • You think you might be able to save costs by reducing the number of platforms you use
  • Your technology setup is not intuitive for vendors and customers who have limited day-to-day interaction with your technology
  • You aren't sure which extraneous programs can be cut out

Our Process

Our approach to technology consolidation focuses on ease of transition and end-user functionality.


Organize the technologies by primary function.


Determine which programs can be updated, removed, replaced or combined.


Develop a strategy for implementing the consolidation with the least downtime, hassle and expense.


Remove duplicitous programs.


Confirm that business needs are being met and offer strategies for continuing to simplify the technology strategy.

IM Services

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT Using the web to power your business.
  • MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Building award-winning, profit generating apps.
  • CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Developing software tailored to your business.
  • TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Providing a health-check for your Current IT Ops.
  • APPLICATION MAINTENANCE Building atop your existing Technologies.
  • TECHNOLOGY CONSOLIDATION Simplifying & Reducing your Technology Overhead.
  • DATA CENTER Cost-effective environments & optimized IT infrastructure.
  • COMPUTE SERVICES Infrastructure as a Service & Cloud Compute services.
  • STORAGE SERVICES Improve business agility & boost system performance.
  • ENTERPRISE CONNECTIVITY A true end-to-end experience across IT environments.

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