IM Storage Services

Reduce data storage costs, improve business agility and boost system performance.

Traditional storage management involves anticipating the requirements of the next 6 to 12 months so you can expand when the demand hits. This means tying up capital in depreciating digital storage space for up to a year. With our professional storage service, you free up your capital for more pressing needs or profit-making strategies.

Who needs storage services?

Your business may need to consider storage services if you face any of the following common IT issues:

  • You want to lower your storage costs
  • You want to pay only for the storage you need now with the assurance that you can expand instantly as needed
  • You don't want to lose money on depreciating storage space
  • You want to setup new storage on a time constraint
  • You anticipate the need to scale your data storage needs
  • You need regular, secure backups of your data

Our Process


Intelligent Media focuses on providing a secure, reliable and cost-effective storage solution customized to your business's needs.


We allow urgent upgrade and downgrade of storage needs and provide backups and restoration on your schedule.


Our storage launch strategy follows a weeks-long timeline rather than a conventional months-long timeline.


You're also never locked into outdated rates. Storage costs decrease year-over-year—so should your costs. With our storage solution, you pay the current market value of storage.

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