IM Custom Software Development

Developing software tailored to your business.

Many growing businesses find their needs are just not being met by conventional, off-the-shelf software. Developing custom software can be a perfect solution if you have an experienced partner like Intelligent Media.

We aim for efficiency and affordability by integrating custom programming with existing software options, such as Drupal, Adobe, and Magento, whenever possible. We also specialized in building custom software from the ground up when conventional software just doesn't suit.

We partner with you for the lifetime of your software, meaning we are there to update and tweak your software as your business grows and encounters new needs.

Who needs custom software development?

  • Your business's needs are not being fully met by conventional, off-the-shelf software
  • You need additional functions added to your current setup
  • Your business is scaling beyond your software's capability
  • You have a unique business model
  • You're an entrepreneur with the next great technology company

Our Process

Our 5-step custom software development process focuses on reliability, security and end-user experience.


Determine which business processes can be incorporated into the software functionality.


Determine which commercial software programs can be utilized.


Create custom modules to accomplish the business objectives.


Combine the functions of the custom and commercial software into a single, seamless program.


Update the software as needed based on scalability, customer/vendor feedback, and new business offerings.

IM Services

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT Using the web to power your business.
  • MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Building award-winning, profit generating apps.
  • CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Developing software tailored to your business.
  • TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Providing a health-check for your Current IT Ops.
  • APPLICATION MAINTENANCE Building atop your existing Technologies.
  • TECHNOLOGY CONSOLIDATION Simplifying & Reducing your Technology Overhead.
  • DATA CENTER Cost-effective environments & optimized IT infrastructure.
  • COMPUTE SERVICES Infrastructure as a Service & Cloud Compute services.
  • STORAGE SERVICES Improve business agility & boost system performance.
  • ENTERPRISE CONNECTIVITY A true end-to-end experience across IT environments.

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