IM Compute Services

Infrastructure as a Service, and Cloud Compute services.

Compute services take advantage of the "cloud," your off-site data management solution, to optimize your software services while cutting costs.

Who needs compute services?

  • Your company is considering updating or transitioning to a cloud or hybrid cloud data management model
  • Your company is looking to cut IT costs while improving stability and functionality
  • Your company needs expert help managing your cloud strategy

Our Services

Our approach to data center services focuses on minimizing costs, downtime and security risks, whether you keep your data center on—or off—site.

Assessment & Strategy Recommendation

We begin by assessing your current technology infrastructure and existing software platforms. With input from your staff's front-lines and expert review of your current setup, we develop a plan to address your present IT problems while anticipating future growth. Our plan will also demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of updating your services, including the pros and cons of a data center, private cloud or hybrid model.

Strategy Implementation

Once your best strategy is determined, our experts at Intelligent Media will design the most efficient method to begin a seamless transition. The ultimate goal is a simplified, one-stop IT management service.

The implementation phase focuses on integrating all of your multi-supplier IT services as part a comprehensive SIAM (Service Integration and Management). This may include consolidation of existing data centers and/or the addition of managed cloud services.

Cloud Management

Ongoing compute service management allows your technology to grow with your business. With continued oversight, Intelligent Media can anticipate future problems and plan for upcoming expansions and projects. We automate processes whenever possible to provide a more stable, cost-effective service.

Our cloud, data center and hybrid models are all developed on a state-of-the-art foundation. We hold ISO 20000, 27001 and 9001 certifications that ensure the highest industry standards of security and reliability.

Other IM Services


Without a masterfully planned Technology Strategy, you may soon find your company outgrowing its tech. Your business needs planning and experience-backed strategy to ensure smooth, uninterrupted growth and integration for staff and consumers alike.

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When replacing your business software seems like overkill, application maintenance can provide an affordable solution. Application Maintenance utilizes customized, targeted software that fills the gaps in your current software system's functionality.

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Developing flexible web applications and/or web portals, that allows your company to run more efficiently, with customization and tailoring to your unique business processes.

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The world runs on mobile. Making your company easy to engage on-the-go is crucial for employees, customers and vendors alike. A custom web application can increase exposure and improve usability.

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Connecting your business with private infrastructure allows stable and secure data transfer, both for WAN, LAN and global internet services.

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If you've patchworked software solutions over the years, you probably have an excess of technology applications. Consolidation can help reduce confusion and duplicity while still anticipating future scalability.

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Our cutting edge data centers provide the security and reliability your business needs, allowing for expantion and growth. We can also help you maintain your own on-site data center.

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Pay for storage as you need it rather than shelling out for massive, depreciating stockpiles. Our data storage solutions allow you to grow and shrink your data capacity in a more affordable way.

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