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Enterprise Application software allows businesses to solve hundreds or even thousands of problems at once using state-of-the-art technology. Enterprise Applications are specially designed for large enterprises, like corporations or government entities, rather than individuals or small businesses. These apps can run primarily on the cloud, on local networks, or on private intranet networks.

How are Enterprise Applications Different?

Enterprise Applications are ideal for complex business needs. As a multi-user, multi-platform software, a well-designed Enterprise Application can support business functions across the entire organization using customized user roles. The software will seamlessly serve the needs of both internal and external teams, including sales, customer service reps, managers, billing departments, executives, content managers, and more. Encoded in the software are the business rules, policies, and other parameters that help streamline day-to-day processes. Enterprise Apps allow the processing of large amounts of data simultaneously and are designed to be scalable as the company grows and changes.

Common Problems of Traditional Software Applications

Some organizations still turn to traditional software apps to attempt to fulfill their business needs, but there are plenty of downsides of not working with an established Enterprise App developer.

Problems of Traditional Software Applications

Traditional software apps, even those that are custom-built, tend to be created purely from a technical standpoint. The tech developers do not spend enough time getting to know the business's requirements, and the business executives themselves do not get to actively participate in the creation of the software they will rely on every single day. This means the pitfalls are not usually discovered until the product is put into consistent use. Some of these common problems may include:

  • Slow, bloated software that worsens as the internal user base grows, leading to a loss of productivity
  • Difficulty for in-house tech support to make minor changes to the functionality of the software
  • Elements created from scratch must be completely redone rather than modified
  • Ease-of-use and business requirements overshadowed by the programmer's shortcuts
  • Non-existence of or poorly programmed mobile functionality

Any organization which struggles with its current software or which wants to optimize its daily productivity will benefit from the business-first development of custom Enterprise Application Software.

Business + Technology

Intelligent Media creates custom, cutting edge enterprise application development software for business.

Why Intelligent Media is the Best Enterprise Application Platform

Intelligent Media - The Best Enterprise Application Platform

At Intelligent Media, we feel successful Enterprise Application development must meet several goals simultaneously. Businesses need a development team that can minimize time to launch while addressing the needs of cost, usability, and other business requirements. With an emphasis on RAD (Rapid Application Development), an experienced Enterprise Application service provider will provide:

Browser-based Development Environment

Avoids the fuss of individual install, manual setup, configuration, etc.

Business User Participation

Full participation and integration of ideas and needs put forth by the business client themselves.


Cross-platform user interfaces that are sharp, intuitive, and fully functional across desktops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

API-led Integration

RESTful API uses the least amount of bandwidth for faster, more reliable integration of internal, external, and cloud-based services.

Full Stack Development

Advanced RAD process utilizes auto-generation to rapidly create code for client- and server-side technologies and everything in between.

Best of Breed

A pre-defined best of breed software eliminates the need for specialized tech support by using tried-and-true components to build your technology stack.

Intelligent Media has over 10 years of experience developing and delivering custom RAD platforms that serve the needs of enterprises across web and mobile software apps. Our business-first development process ensures every organization is able to optimize its agility and boost innovation to stay ahead in even the most competitive markets.

We produce highly effective software better than anyone else by leveraging the latest advancements in RAD technology, such as multi-device, auto-responsive user interfaces and component-based custom app assembly. Our Enterprise Applications are designed to grow, with APIs and Microservices Architecture (MSI) implemented for full scalability.

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