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Intelligent Media is a collaboration of industry experts who produce the most powerful, effective technology solutions for modern business.

We believe harnessing technology is the single most efficient way to increase profits, productivity and adaptability. We’ve proven this model time and time again over the past 15 years.

"We combine Technology & Business for sensible, affordable and effective solutions."

Under the guidance of business-first philosophy, we employ results-driven strategies that grow with your business. We simplify and tailor the process to make seamless transitions.

Our Clients

We have helped businesses in nearly every industry and at every stage of growth, from startups to corporations. Our clients most commonly come to us as medium-sized companies looking to get their technology up to par. These companies know they need forward-thinking solutions that can adapt and scale as they continue to expand, so they come to—and stay with—the experts.

Because we have decades of combined experience in niche specialties, Intelligent Media provides a simple end-to-end solution for all of your tech needs, from infrastructure and local area networks to updating legacy software or writing custom apps. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can simply bring us a problem and receive an implemented solution without all of the headache in between.

Our Work

At Intelligent Media, we have a simple three phase strategy for all of your technology needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch, need a few fixes or want a complete overhaul, our process is the same:

  1. We analyze your current technology setup by taking into account your business needs. We make sure to understand your company’s goals and processes and oftentimes even interview front-line employees to help accurately diagnose problems.
  2. We then design and implement your technology strategy.
  3. Finally, we stick around to maintain and update your new technology.

IM Solutions

  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Better tools to turn content publishing into knowledge sharing.
  • BUSINESS AUTOMATION Reducing Manual Labor and Creating More Efficient Workforces.
  • LEGACY MIGRATIONS Modernizing old software to work in line with the business today.
  • SAAS PLATFORMS Building subscription based software products on Web & Mobile.
  • SCRAPING ENGINES Tools to capture, analyze, and act upon disparate data.
  • E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS Using web and mobile to sell smarter.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS Channels that help Customers and Employees Communicate.

Our Custom Technology Solutions Will Help Elevate Your Business Operations

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